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Congratulations on taking your next step towards greater confidence, clarity and results through the Champions Blueprint material.

What you are about to experience is personal and professional coaching at the highest level.

The Champions Blueprint is based on decades of deeply impactful work with peak performers at
the pinnacle of their game... and you are now poised to join the ranks of these elite few who have
used the Champions Blueprint to elevate their output and delivery to previously elusive levels of
quality, power and sustainability.

Olympic gold medalists, ultra-successful entrepreneurs and global rock star icons are among the
individuals who have sought out Dr. Jeff Spencer's wisdom and insight to give them the edge - and now it's your turn.

The next few steps are important to help you get the most out of your time with Jeff, so when completing this application please give yourself the protected time and space you deserve.

  • Please share some details of your story. Include how you got to where you are today in both personal and professional terms. Any unique accomplishments, challenges overcome and significant goals you've set and attained are all relevant here.
  • Please describe your current situation. Include any current problems or threats that need urgent resolution. What are you dealing with? What is your biggest source of stress?
  • Please describe your ideal outcome if the above issues were resolved. What would you be free to do?

    While Dr. Jeff is deeply committed to impacting private clients at the highest level, he is also frequently back logged with requests and so will review your application in the order it's received. Please allow up to 5 business days for a reply in the form of a call from Jeff. At that time he will discuss your application and schedule the next phase of your work together. Have your calendar ready during this brief call to commit (2) appointments for Discovery and Strategy. Please indicate below the ideal dates and times (include time zone) that you're available to connect:
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