Daily Grind To Exuberant Elation

I thought to myself half way through writing my last book that for as much time and effort as I had put into it up to that point I sure didn’t feel like I was making as much progress as I deserved. And, admittedly at that point I did question whether the book was worth…

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There’s Always Enough Energy to Get Done What Must Get Done

Let’s face it. A reality we’ve all got to deal with in today’s shrinking world is how do we deal with the amount of things that need to get done to move life forward when there’s more to do than time allows for. It’s a never-ending battle that’s not going to go away and is…

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Why Winning Matters

I was sitting in my studio over-looking the ancient riverbed that makes up the canyon my backyard sits above. The phone rang, I didn’t recognize the number, but, thought, hey, what the heck, I’ll answer it any way (I usually don’t if I don’t know the number) as it may be a complete surprise and…

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Life’s Most Polarizing Force

Life's Most Polarizing Force: Pivotal Moments

Sir Winston Churchill, the former British Prime Minister, was one of the key architects in devising the strategies that ultimately ended World War II in 1945. Churchill was also an artist, writer, historian and Nobel Prize laureate. Churchill gets quoted a lot, and for good reason, but one of the most profound statements Churchill ever…

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‘The Gap’ Is A Living Space

'The Gap' Is A Living Space

Few things are more distressing to me than to see someone with great talent, a good attitude, a super plan, full commitment, and a great heart, fail unnecessarily because of the mistaken belief that The Gap can be passively closed by working harder. Early on, mentors came into my life at strategic times who shared…

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The Assumption That Can Kill Your Bigger Future

At 13 I competed in my first Cycling National Championship and remember, as if it were today, the flight I took from Los Angeles to New York, by myself. It was a bit scary, and pretty intense. The riders were all bigger and faster than those I’d competed against to get there. But… I won…

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Set Goals That Actually Matter

Set Goals That Actually Matter: Champion Goals

Webster’s dictionary defines a goal as the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. At first glance, this seems accurate enough. But it only takes a moment of critical analysis to realize this definition is so incredibly broad and generic it could literally mean anything. According to this definition, every…

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The Unmistakable Creative Podcast

Srini Rao and I discuss the 8 foundations of peak performance. Listen to it below or check out the full article and podcast on Unmistakable Creative. http://unmistakablecreative.com/listen/0f144df0-097d-4109-9fca-d9296a6d1948.mp3

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5 Things ‘Losers’ Never Do

5 Things 'Losers' Never Do

Forbes contributors David Sturt and Todd Nordstrom share some Champions insights in this timely piece. Dr. Jeff Spencer has traveled the world with winners. He’s been “on-the-road” nine times in fifteen years with the U.S. Cycling Team in the Tour De France. He’s travelled with the iconic rock band U2. He’s stood sideline with many…

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The Rich Roll Podcast

Rich Roll Podcast 57

Rich Roll epitomizes the champions mindset. Through his work with nutrition, endurance, and leadership he has inspired individuals around the world. Rich and I discuss my roadmap to personal excellence. Listen to it below or check out the full article and podcast on Rich Roll.

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