The High Road

the high road

In the words of founding father Benjamin Franklin, “…in this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” With all due respect to the man who pioneered our understanding of electricity, opened the first public lending library, designed the U.S. Postal Service, made the first lightning rod, and invented bifocal reading…

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The Life of the Party

life of the party

  This Christmas, a friend of mine had a problem: she planned a Christmas Eve soiree, but at the last minute, everything went sideways. She came to me in a state of near-panic. She’d done everything right. She mailed invitations early, planned a creative gourmet spread of food and drink, and knew exactly how she…

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Strength of Conviction

strength of conviction

One of my closest friends is a brilliant entrepreneur. He generates more great business ideas before his first cup of coffee every morning than most people do in their lifetime. He’s also skilled at weeding out the ideas he knows will work from the ones that won’t. But in his own words, it’s more about…

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How to DIY Success

How to DIY

To DIY or Not DIY I love it when coaching clients arrive loaded with self-belief, confidence, and determination. I sense it right away by the way they carry themselves and the way they talk. They meet life head-on, relish new challenges, take responsibility for managing their time and energy, and hold themselves accountable for their…

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You Never Know Who’s Watching (and someone is always watching)


In athletic competition, there are days everything comes together: perfect weather, perfect rest, perfect nutrition, perfect venue, and perfect preparation synergize to create a perfect day—and you win. Then there are days when everything goes wrong: terrible weather, a restless night, a funky stomach, a so-so venue, and a poor training session or two conspire…

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Wash, Rinse, Repeat


I once heard a motivational speaker give a lecture about goal setting. He opened with simple advice: If you have trouble setting goals, start off with something easy like “I’m going to wake up tomorrow morning.” A goal everyone can achieve. Wake up the next day and boom. Done. One success under your belt before…

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Care Less to Perform Better

Care Less to Perform Better

I remember as a carefree kid how good it felt to win my first bicycle race. It was a 10-mile time trial put on by my cycling club. There was no pressure to win. I was told by my parents “to have fun”. So, that’s what I did. And, I won. As I got older…

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When It Rains, It Can Pour

businessman is repaired by storm with computer

I was talking with a client of mine yesterday and was painfully aware of his current life circumstances. It’s one thing to have to deal with a crisis but to be flooded with several crises simultaneously can put a person at their absolute limit. You know what it’s like. As soon as one crisis ends…

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Put Yourself Down To Build Others Up

I’m always pumped to spend time with high performers in any area of life. I like the vitality and intensity of the conversation as its mostly solution driven, rather than idle chit-chat. I take what I do in the high performance space very seriously, whether it be in my Cornerman coaching, Cornerman Coaching Club group,…

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The 1-2% That Matters


It’s hard to believe that we’re in the third month of the year. That disbelief says a lot of things. One big message is that time is accelerating which really means that more and more things are being thrown at us so our mind is actually speeding up. As our mind speeds up, time does…

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