At The Forefront Of Human Performance And Achievement For Over 40 Years

I have coached, mentored and been the cornerman to some of the world’s highest achievers from Fortune 500 leaders
to Gold Medal Olympians.

Change the Game. Win Before you Start.

I’m often referred to as the Cornerman.

People call me that because I show them what’s around their next 5 corners
so they know what’s coming and won’t be taken by surprise.

Few things are worse than getting blindsided and taken out of the game.

I created my first goal at 9 years old with some crayons and paper.

That goal was to be an Olympic cyclist at the 1972 Olympics in Munich, Germany. Twelve years later, that goal became a win and at 21 years old I was in Munich representing the United States Olympic team.

After retiring from professional competition, I went back to school to earn a Masters degree in sports science. In the decades since then, I was honored as the International Sports Chiropractor of the Year. I’ve worked with high achievers in nearly every profession from Olympic gold medalists, to iconic musicians to millionaire entrepreneurs. I continue to work behind the scenes developing these world-class performers into superstars in their field.

For the past forty years, I’ve been a professional student of human achievement. I’ve been driven by this unshakable question: why do some people succeed and others fail?

What I’ve discovered is that success doesn’t come from will, talent, or tactics. The winners know something everyone else doesn’t. What they’ve discovered is that success is both a path and a process.

Those who try and fail think that the secret is the one thing they don’t know or the magic bullet that’s going to solve it all. Real champions—those who consistently win—approach life holistically. They aren’t merely trying to race to the top or make a million dollars. Those are only milestones on the road to true achievement.

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