Put Yourself Down To Build Others Up

I’m always pumped to spend time with high performers in any area of life. I like the vitality and intensity of the conversation as its mostly solution driven, rather than idle chit-chat.

I take what I do in the high performance space very seriously, whether it be in my Cornerman coaching, Cornerman Coaching Club group, or presenting a Champion’s Blueprint workshop.

It’s always the same – I approach it as though it is the first time and that who I’m engaging feels that they’re the only one in my life at that moment.

And, the reason I do that is that I believe I have an obligation to them to be the best version of myself every moment I’m with them as that’s what they deserve.

They deserve my best and I’m committed to remaining steadfast in my delivering that to them every time we connect.

I told my daughter today when we were having breakfast, that every moment the decisions we make and actions we take will take us either up, down or sideways.

And, that we’ll be taking those we’re interacting with then in the same direction we’re going.

There is no neutrality.

Any direction except up means that we’re losing ground on life and our ability to support others which means we’re taking them down if that’s the direction of our trajectory.

I said this to my daughter because the first ten years of her life were extremely difficult being in and out of foster homes until we adopted her at age 10.

Because of the people’s choices and actions she was imprinted with by her proximity to them their modeling became her normal.

Several of those “normals” could be problematic later in her life.

This whole transference is tragic and not fair as she didn’t ask for the challenges and imprint, they were “absorb” by her.

And, that’s why I want to always show up and give my best to others so I only support their growth into their bigger future and not impede it.

Life’s tough enough and we’ve all have got enough battles to fight without any additional unnecessary baggage being projected onto us by others showing up at less than their best.

No doubt it’s tough to always show up at your best. That is, of course, unless deliberate time is taken to purposely prepare for and do it.

Now, I’m not saying that we can always perform at our best. What I’m saying, though, is that we can show up and be the person others deserve us to be as that’s more of a performance state than a state of being.

Every day before you engage others take a moment to consciously decide how you’re going to show up. Make it deliberate. None of this half-committed ritual stuff going through ritualistic motions while thinking about something else. Really contemplate it. Especially, on those days you’re not at your best.

The days you’re not at you’re best is when you have the best chance to break the chains of being a conditional person who only puts forth the effort on the days you feel good.

No champion ever does that.  They don’t need a special reason to be at their best for others.  They just do it.

Doing it on bad days helps them. It’s good for us as its therapy and power to break the chains of our past. Everybody wins.

Make that decision each day knowing you’ll impact others in unseen ways that can be their pivotal moment to live into their capacity.

That, to me, is enough reason to get up each day.


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