Real champions travel a certain path and pay attention to the big picture. They have looked ahead to the future and decided what their life’s legacy will be—and the time in-between is spent  strategically doing the one thing moment-by-moment that allows them to show up and win when it counts.

Over the last forty years, I’ve had the privilege to work on and alongside some of our generation’s greatest achievers.

Olympic gold medalists and world champions, as well as playwrights, entrepreneurs, fitness trainers, writers, executives, chiropractors, and scholars. I’ve compared my experience taking people to world-class success against the advice I gather from common gurus, experts, and coaches. Most of what they say is, at best, partially correct and, at worst, completely wrong. Their advice is about getting into a positive mindset, learning the right habits, developing your strengths, and generally chasing the details.

I've Had A Front-Row Seat -Figuratively And Literally- During The Times That Make Or Break Champions.

Their wins didn’t come from any of these secrets. They derived their success from following a universal path. Once I began to notice the recurring similarities in how professional athletes achieved their goals, I saw the same patterns with artists, entrepreneurs, and health professionals. I became an avid student explicitly searching for the steps of this seemingly mystical system.

I call it the Champion’s Blueprint more of it I have unearthed and understood, the more I see it everywhere. In parenthood, in creating a masterpiece, in project management, in fitness, in relationships, in finance—it’s the universal path to human achievement and success, regardless of the size or scope of your ambition.

“Jeff is amazing at supporting others to create the legacy they are capable of. Don’t miss The Champion’s Blueprint.”

- Debbie Ford, NY Times bestselling author of The Dark Side of the Light Chasers

The Champion’s Blueprint is a comprehensive goal achievement system that addresses every aspect and phase of goal achievement. From establishing the most basic methods and processes needed to achieve consistent success, to the mastery that defines your Legacy.

I have presented the Champion’s Blueprint to hundreds and I never ceased to be amazed by the diversity of people who tell me that it describes their life perfectly. I can’t count how many of these participants talk to me or email me after the seminar or presentation to tell me how much the Champion’s Blueprint gave them clarity and confidence. Once they understand the intuitive path to lifelong success, they understand where they are, what they have to do, and what to expect in the future.

On the other hand, I’ve tracked the lives and careers of others who have skipped the necessary steps in the Champion’s Blueprint. They want to race to the top, but don’t realize their shortcuts are undermining their efforts. In their eagerness to reach their version of success, they become blind to the costs they’re incurring in the long-term. Their shortsightedness often leads them to underestimating what success will require.

The few who do reach the fabled top are often disenchanted. This is why many of our stars and celebrities reach the top only to crash and burn. More often than not, though, people don’t achieve anything near the top. Disappointed, frustrated, and hopeless, they settle for a level of mediocrity or abandon their original dreams altogether.

But they didn’t have to!

Armed With The Right Knowledge, You Can Spot The Danger Signals, Concentrate Your Energy On The Things That Matter, And Set Your Expectations Accordingly.

So many people have been so close to success…but without knowing where they were on the path to their finish line, continuing on seemed like an overwhelming obstacle.

My legacy is to share this universal path with the rest of the world. It has been a life-changing discovery for me, for my clients, for my friends and colleagues, and for my workshop participants.

Success comes from a system that can be defined, predicted, and ultimately mastered.

Achieving your life’s goals doesn’t come from luck, knowing the right people, being born with some innate ability, or the one secret that constantly eludes you. It comes from recognizing the path to success, following in the footsteps of other champions before you, and doing the work required.

No matter who you are or where you find yourself in life, the Champion Blueprint can give you everything you need to achieve the success you’ve been looking for.

The Goal Achievement Roadmap is the foundation of the Champions Blueprint and I am currently offering live 2 day event several times a year for those who are ready to take the leap.

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