When It Rains, It Can Pour

I was talking with a client of mine yesterday and was painfully aware of his current life circumstances.

It’s one thing to have to deal with a crisis but to be flooded with several crises simultaneously can put a person at their absolute limit.

You know what it’s like.

As soon as one crisis ends and you’re ready to bounce back to full productivity you’re blindsided by another crisis.

And, it doesn’t stop there.

The crises continue to pile up one on top of another seamlessly. This is where you feel crushed by the shear volume of their combined weight and the distress of no visible end in sight.

Not fun.

Under such circumstances most throw in the towel or run for the exit.

Neither solve the problem. Most often, they compound the problem that can lead to feeling as if you deserted yourself, aren’t competent to handle the strain required when playing at the top, and let others down.

When it rains it pours.

But, that’s often a good thing.

I told my client that its better to have everything collapse all at once as he can then do a major rebuild one time which is much better than slow dripping a number of significant challenges over one or two years that can kill long term momentum and morale from which he may not be able to recover.

When caught in a downpour here are some key strategies:

1. Know that a downpour of challenge is better than an extended slow drip
2. Downpours always end, trust that
3. Prioritize the key actions that have to go right to move forward
4. Conserve energy and apply it only toward what counts
5. Be around positive people

We’ll all have unanticipated life downpours that are just part of life.

When they occur initiate the proven strategies above to limit the losses and return to high ground as soon as possible.

Onward and upward!

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